5/2010    Project

  •  Technologies: Pnumatic Robot, Arduino, Twilio
  •  Collaborators: Ben Combee, Mark Tabry, Bill Ward, Charles Pax, NYC Resistor
  •  Source Code: StabbyPhone

In 2010, NYC Resistor sent a small delegation to the first TechCrush Disrupt 24 hour hackathon in New York.

Our farcical idea was to bring a large and unwieldy pneumatic robot that we had sitting around (lovingly dubbed Mr. Stabby). With some help from the Twilio team, we turned our ordinary stabbing robot into a phone-controlled stabbing machine, complete with dramatic telephone prompts ála MoviePhone.

We ended up being one of the only groups working on hardware hacking, and despite our project not being remotely relevant to the theme of the conference, we won a runner-up trophy for our efforts. I even got to show off the robot to VCs and other conference attendees on the last day of the show.

StabbyPhone in action at TechCrunch Disrupt:

Here’s a timelapse of the operation: