Death & Taxis Art Car

  2015-2016    Project

  •  Technologies: Metal Fabrication, Wood Fabrication, Electric Drivetrain, LED Lighting, Software

Death & Taxis is a coffin on wheels, decked out to look like a New York City taxi. Because the only inevitables in life are death and taxis.

Death & Taxis is a small Art Car (Mutant Vehicle) that I'm in the process of making for exhibition at regional festivals, culminating at Burning Man 2016. DnT is being built by-hand, from scratch, with a welded steel chassis and a CNC-milled, upholstered wooden coffin (more like a couch) for carrying a driver and up to three passengers. I spent approximately three months designing and modeling DnT before beginning construction in January, and I intend to have the vehicle (or at least the first iteration) done and throughly tested by the end of May 2016. I hope to exhibit DnT at Disorient Country Club on Memorial Day weekend. DnT was accepted by the Burning Man DMV for 2016, so keep an eye out for me on the playa this year.

More technical details of the project will be posted soon. I will update below as I make progress on the DnT.

Update 4/16/16 - It's go time!

It's starting to come together - I got most of the wood platform installed today (not pictured - hand-bent and welded 1/8" brackets underneath), and I tightened down the drivetrain enough to mount the chains and test it out. I made the first real trip under power today - just 10 feet across the room, but it worked. Once I get the brake, trottle, steering, and safety cutoffs installed in the next week, I'll hopefully be able to make the first trip around the block.

Update 4/10/16 - Steering (version 1)

Spent a few hours today rigging up the steering. I'm using a threaded rod and a quickly-drilled pitman arm. It's pretty janky and I'm ordered a real go-kart steering shaft to replace it, but it works for now. DnT went on its first human-powered drive today (just around the room, but still).

Update 4/2/16 - Motor and Controller

Built a crazy-heavy mount for the brushless motor, which took about two hours to cut on the shopbot (from 1/4 steel - not reccomended). It's heavier than the motor. In retrospect, I could have just milled it out of aluminium and saved myself a lot of time and weight, but oh well. I got the controller hooked up for testing as well, and after some fiddling, it works!

Update 3/26/16 - Drivetrain and Brake

Got the rear axle brake installed today, as well as the sprockets on the jackshaft. Ready to start mounting the motor!

Update 3/20/16 - Jackshaft Brackets

Spent some time today cutting and installing some bracketing for the gear reduction jackshaft. The plan is to mount the DC motor at the very back, connected to the jackshaft to reduce the RPMs then connect to the drive axle under the jackshaft. The jackshaft, bearings, motor and controller should arrive by next weekend.

Update 3/17/16 - First Wood Piece

Used the ShopBot to cut the first wooden segment - the bottom panel - out of 3/4" Advantec OSB. It first perfectly. The car was very stable with two people jumping up and down on it, even without all the bolts tightened down.

Update 3/5/16 - Up on Wheels

Finished the front suspension assembly today, so I was able to get DnT up on wheels for the first time. It's a rolling chassis now! It's even level. The tires are inflated and it feels stable. I have a drive axle on order, so once I receive the axle and motor then I'll have a full drivetrain. Steering is next while I wait for parts.

Update 2/29/16 - Rear Wheels Installed

I finished the rear swingarm assembly today. Except for the fake drive axle, everything is installed and solid. I can now roll the chassis around by carrying the front. The chassis is officially too heavy to carry around without wheels now.

Update 2/14/16 - Frame Welded Together

Welded the first bits of the frame together today. Came out very solid and straight. I'm very excited to start welding together the rest of the undercarriage.