Livestream Studio Surface

  2013-2014    Project

  •  Technologies: ARM CM3, libopencm3, motor drivers, capacitive touch, TFT/OLED screens, Audio DAC/ADC
  •  Collaborators: Jimmy An, Ronald Huveneers, Phil Worthington, Nick Vermeer, Raphael Abrams
  •  For Sale Here

Over the period of a year between 2013 and 2014, I worked with Livestream to realize the Livestream Studio Surface.

We actually made two models, the “Core” module with all of the components necessary for interfacing with the Studio software, and an expansion “Track” module, which adds 15 additional tracks of video and audio control, for customers handling large events with many cameras. The Studio Surface was made on an ambitious schedule of prototyping and testing, culminating in a well-received release at NAB in April 2014. Final units were assembled in-house and started shipping shortly thereafter, with an MSRP of $5,999.

For the Studio Surface, I owned all aspects of the Electrical Engineering, including electrical research and design, component selection and sourcing, BOM management, PCB layout, debugging, testing, firmware, and low-volume assembly. I worked with a top-notch team of people including an Industrial Designer, Mechanical Engineer, and several talented programmers who handled integration with the Studio software.