Incandescent Chandelier

  6/2014    Project

  •  Technologies: Arduino, Incandescent Lights, Wood
  •  Source Code: Chandelier

I put together this chandelier for the NYC Resistor Interactive Show in early June. It has 148 E12 lightbulbs, wired to 19 custom PCBs.

Each bulb is individually PWMable and the whole chandelier puts out 740 watts of light on full brightness. The bulbs are arranged on five concentric rings made out of 37 pieces of laser-cut, hand-stained wood. The wood panels are attached to each other with custom brackets designed in OpenSCAD and printed on a MakerBot. The rings are hung in a cone shape from the ceiling, with a single lightbulb hanging in the center, so that the rings appear concentric and evenly-sized when viewed from directly underneath.